Moles Removed

Moles are known as melanocytic nevus. These are small lesions that are formed because of the collection of pigment-producing cells or melanocytes. These are normally brown in colour or maybe a little darker at certain times. They can be flat, rough, raised and have hair coming out of them. They are normally oval or round and have smooth edges.

Certain moles respond to hormone levels, as these may arise during adolescence, pregnancy and older age. During teenage these grow in large numbers, get darker during pregnancy and slowly fades away with age.

Types of moles:

  • Junctional melanocytic nevi – usually flat, round and brown.
  • Halo nevi– these have a white ring around the border.
  • Dermal melanocytic nevi– usually raised, sometimes have hair, light coloured.
  • Dysplastic nevi– edges are irregular and do not change over time. It is an unusual looking mole.

Moles can be easily removed with laser if they have regular borders and are usually brown in color. It is easy to remove smaller moles projecting out from the skin. These need 2-3 sessions using lasers. At Josan Holistic Hospital we use intense pulses of light radiation to break down the mole completely. The laser treatment is useful for harder skin to reach areas such as ears or face etc and also can be helpful for removing multiple moles at the same time.


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